Dear Customer:

The Casa Grande de Albarracín has reopened its doors after the end of the state of emergency. We pretend to continue offering the same close service to which our clients are accustomed, although with the necessary modifications required by de covid-19 situation. In any case, our priority is the well-being of our clients and team members.

We have drawn up a contingency plan that you can consult in its entirety on our website (in Spanish), and that we also could send to our clients before formalizing the reservation. For your convenience, we have prepared this summary with the main rules and measures adopted by our establishment. Please read this document carefully and respect and comply with the standards and measures we have adopted. Its fulfilment concerns us all. The security of our establishment and its guests depends on their compliance and ours.

We want our clients to fill at home in our apartments. Our staff only comes to the establishment when is needed (reception and departure of clients, and when the client requests it). This policy will not change with the new situation created by the coronavirus, but it will be necessary for all of us to exercise our responsibility and good judgment at a higher level than usual.

We will continue to entrust our house to you to enjoy as you wish, but we will make a greater effort to implement cleaning and disinfection measures appropriate to the current situation and we will reduce to the minimum necessary the contact between staff and customers. In that effort, we need your collaboration. We all have to cooperate to make your vacation and stay pleasant and safe.

We count on your collaboration.